Phat Nghia Agro Business Co., Ltd

Over 15 years of experience in breeding, breeding and food processing.

General introduction

Phat Nghia Agro Business Co., Ltd represents the leading corporations and companies of the United States and European countries in the field of animal husbandry and food processing.

Phat Nghia Company is a bridge connecting modern machinery and equipment with the most effective new solutions, helping the breeding and processing of high efficiency.

With a team of highly qualified salesmen and engineers working closely with the experts and engineers of European and American suppliers, they are responsible for technology transfer such as design consultancy and supervision. installation and training for producers and processors.


  • Striving to become a leading company in Vietnam in the field of animal husbandry.
  • Commitment to quality American, European
  • Affordable business with customer benefits


  • “For the success of customers”
  • Optimization of modern breeding solutions
  • Supplying international branded products
  • Contribute to the development of modern livestock sector in Vietnam


  • Quality put on top
  • Always satisfy customers and aim for perfection
  • Bring professional value and prosperity to employees

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