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Egg poultry processing system with automatic process 100% closed cinnamon to handle and disinfection to international standards on food hygiene and safety.

The demand for eggs is increasing, in particular, the issue of nutrition and food safety are being focused on consumers.

Phat Nghia is believed to provide the best egg handling system with the best quality and service from European and American suppliers. The standard egg processing system in Europe undergoes the process of egg washing, drying, UV sterilization, … With this process, eggs are processed and sterilized to meet international standards for hygiene and safety. All processes are automated 100%.

In addition, Phat Nghia also accompanies customers in consulting, installation, on-site training, know-how and technology maintenance to improve operational efficiency.

Egg Handlings Processing

Egg Breaking

Egg Handlings Processing

Egg Washer

Egg Handlings Processing


Egg Handlings Processing

Hard-Boiled Egg Processing

Egg Handlings Processing

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