Poultry farms can not be exported because they are located near duck farms

Most countries require the diãstance between farms to be several kilometers apart, while Vietnam is tending to form concentrated clusters. As the farm is located in the chain link export chicken meat to Japan, Nguyen Van Ngoc, turkey farmer in Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, has opened a new farm to meet the needs […]

How has the bank support for pig farmers?

The restructuring of repayment terms, keeping the debt group and continue to lend new solutions in the short term … The restructuring of the repayment period, retaining the group of debt and continuing to provide new loans are short-term solutions that the banking sector has taken to overcome difficulties in repayment of loans to pig […]

Effective from chicken Biosafety

Breeding models towards VietGAHP in Yen The Provice not only created the hills chicken litter quality assurance and safety for consumers, but also help ensure all livestock environment. As poultry tradition of the Yen, Bac Giang, but for many years, due to the same quality degenerated, households as livestock, small retail, little investment should reduce chicken’s quality, […]

The US beef industry is suffering from falling prices, oversupply

After the pork, the US beef industry is also in crisis oversupply, causing prices to bottom half a year. The American pork market is quite influenced by the world because of the amount of beef produced and sold from other countries. However, concerns are mounting in the country as beef supplies are likely to be […]