For pig meat with high efficiency to the following factors: 

Select good breeds high lean meat percentage (from 45% upwards)
Dietary Supplements reasonable housing, creating an environment suitable pig.
Food good quality, fit, proper feeding methods.
Full implementation of hygiene vaccination.
Fully record movements of pigs.

1. Housing: 

It should be arranged on the ground is not waterlogged tall, far from residential waste drain well, enough water, built in the East-West direction.
The slope of 2%, the barn does not get wet, so just Paving brick, roof barn not too low for natural ventilation barn building not sealed around.
Should average size: 12-15m2 / 1o
Mangers slope, easy to wash no food left in the trough

2. Breeding: 

Should pigs with high lean meat percentage, long body, buttocks bloom, slim belly.
Note: Limit buy varieties of breeding places, must grasp the origin resume buying on raising pigs, pigs must have weight.

3. Prepare the introduction of breeding pigs: 

Before breeding pigs: Clean painted floor (disinfectant around, has enough drinking water).
When bought pigs to breed: So on a cool day, when cool, early morning or evening news, the transit time as short as possible.
Pigs drink water immediately after the drop in the barn, a glucose drink or drug for electrolytes.
Create routines for pork in the right place by daily scanning to put the regulations in place, absolutely not immediately bathe pig.

Create an appropriate environment for the pigs:

+ Temperature, humidity:

The temperature suitable for the growth of pigs stages:

High temperature when the heat is too much pigs to eat to go down the distribution of waste resulting in slow growth, high food consumption, easy to get sick.

* Against heat by:

– Create airy barn raising pigs, farm building.
– Raise the roof with insulation, density accordingly.
– Planting trees around the barn plagued wind, sun.
– Density fit for pigs in the stage for pig meat.

* When the temperature is low: 

Often swine ruffled feathers over each other or lying boss. Stools indiscriminate biting ears, tail biting each other, slow growth, high feed consumption susceptible to infectious diseases, respiratory diseases. Should be covered cages, keep the cage dry, not wet.
If background pigsty very cold cement cold usually between 4.5 – 9oC.

+ About feed for pigs:

Should we concentrate the feed companies such as CARGILL (Cagin), USA, HYDRO and coordinate more bran, corn, tapioca, … on the packaging bran factories direction resulting blend.

+ In drinking water for pigs:

Should meet drinking water sufficient for this type of pig pig ages. Here are the needs of all kinds of pig drinking water

+ About vaccine and disinfectant sanitary housing:

– Piglets: + 21 days paratyphoid vaccination.

+ 25-30 day + vaccination Ecoli swine

+ 60 days of vaccination swine

– Pigs grow: 3 months + cholera vaccination from scratch

– Sows: + Child 3 days injectable Fe

+ Breeding children 7 days injection Fe

– Pork pig gestation 60-70 days hog cholera vaccination, regularly disinfected with CREZIN, Virkon.


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