1. Select chicken breed

It is best to use a local chicken breed or improved breed, as it is highly adaptable to the living environment, has good resistance to disease, is capable of finding good feed and raising good to have can produce in difficult conditions, less need to take care of human beings. In Vietnam, in the rural areas, it is not favorable for the development of high-yielding chickens. There is not much capital to invest in raising cattle:

– Domestic breeds
– Imported chicken breed and hybrid chicken

2. Farm

Requires shelter to be built in a dry and warm place when the chickens are young in the first 3-4 weeks, cool when the chicken is large. Avoid the wind and rain, avoiding the hot afternoon light directly into the cage. Best orientation to the East or East – South. In addition to the direction of the cage, attention should be paid to the temperature of the cows, the temperature of the cage and the litter.

3. Feed

Chicken should be fed enough nutrients according to their needs. The following are nutrients that should be taken into account when combining the diet.

Macro nutrients:

– Protein is the most important ingredient for living cells and for meat, eggs and poultry products. Foods rich in vegetable protein include: soybeans, other beans, soybean oil, peanut oil. Foods rich in animal protein such as fish meal, shrimp paste, crab meat, meat meal, shrimp head.

– Powder sugar: is the substance that provides energy primarily for poultry. Food rich in sugar powder that contains the type of grain like: corn, ground Brown rice, rice, rice, sorghum, millet, rice bran, wheat bran. Tubers such as cassava tuber, the sweet potato flour …

– FAT: while there is little in the food, about 4-5%, but a large amount of heat supply, 2.5 times the powder sugar and protein. The minimum requirement of fat in the food are from 4% or over. There are many fat in nuts have oil, industrial oil, fat cattle, fat fish.

– Maximum amount of minerals: limestone substrates (Ca), phosphorus (P), salt (Na, Cl), potassium, magnesium has the function creates the skeleton and help big lick cock, good fertility. There are many minerals in bone, shellfish powder powder, flour the top of the shrimp, crabs, …

The technique of Rearing
The technique of Rearing

The amount of micro-nutrients:

In essence we’re divided in the categories such as the following:

– Types of vitamins (vitamin), there are dozens of different vitamins. In fact, in the diet of chicken often lacks vitamin A, D, E and B2. To fully resolve the vitamin for the chicken people often make out the premix for food supplements. In green vegetables have more vitamin, so chickens garden in the rainy season there are more grass, less when lack of vitamins.

– Chemical minerals, also have dozens of categories, but in the feed of chickens or lack of manganese, zinc, selenium, iode. To provide adequately for the poultry, people also often produce trace elements premix.

– Protective substances, anti-mildew-proof and oxygen to preserve the nutrients in the food.

– Some types of antibiotics and drugs prevention for chicken.


To satisfy the demand for poultry, the plant has produced the complete mixed feed for chickens. Based on the standard of eating, people count out the materials processing and distribution, each full of mixed blocks to reach the nutrient demand of chicken.

Today thanks to the thriving industrial techniques should also feed the powder mixture also form close, use in poultry is very convenient.

Processed foods are available in two forms:

– In complete form (bran and pellets): At present, some feed mills produce special feeds for chickens, which are moderately nutritious and have high yields. Its cost is lower than that of high performance industrial chicken. Depending on age, there are foods that meet the nutritional needs of chickens.

– Concentrated food (bran) is a nutrient-rich diet. If local sources of energy are abundant, such as: corn, bran, The bulk of the feed mill will be reduced to a large extent, taking advantage of available on-site and inexpensive feed. Depending on the regulations of the place of production, the mixing ratio varies.

Veterinary services, disease prevention for Rearing: 

In the adopted method to drop the garden, the chicken is important for prevention of a, it has meaning decision for success. Because grazing grounds difficult to control in terms of animal health should the disease spread easily. In the measure, then the vaccine is important and more effective. Four very important diseases needs to be done is the vaccine Gumboro disease, cholera, Chicken Pox disease and fowl.


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